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946941 Alberta Ltd
AAA Scrap Metals (AB)
ACDM Collections
Ace-Rainbow Salvage Ltd (Calgary)
Acklands Ltd
Acme Scrap Iron & Metals Ltd
Alberta Industrial Metals Ltd
Alberta Recycle
Ali Recycling
Andreas Recycling
Avenue Salvage Service
Bea Fisher Centre
BFI Canada Inc. (Edmonton)
Boss Sabrica General Trading
C.R. Auto
CAC Recycling
Cadia Impex
Calgary Metals Recycling Ltd.
Canadian Recycling Solutions
Canadian Waste Services Inc. (Red Deer)
Clark Salvage
Container World
DGL Contracting
Diamond Trade International
Diversified Ventures
Dunmore Tractor Parts (1981) Ltd
Empower Trading & Visa Ltd
Feddersen's Auto Wrecking
Federal Metals Inc. (Alberta)
Fortuna Trading
Future-Tech Asia Co. Ltd
General Scrap & General Steel
Glendon Auto Wrecking & Towing
Greenslade Northern Welding
Grewal Imports
Hectek Services
Honson International Trading Limited
Independent Battery & Metal Recycling
International Metal Manufacturing Incorporated
Jhr Granite Import & Export Ltd
JingHuaSheng Metals Scrap Recycle Company Limited
Kiter Enterprises
Kiter Enterprises
Kuger Brent Company Ltd
Lake City Services Ltd
Mander Bros
Marshall Metals Scrap Recycling Ltd.
Max Exporting Limited
Metalco Inc.
Midtown Auto & Truck Parts

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