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United World Company
Universal Trading
Unona Trading Ltd.
Uscan Fibers
V & V Tr. Enterprises Inc.
Valu Metals
Vanguard Trading Inc
Vardhman Import and Export (Pvt) Ltd.
Veda Canada
Venkateshwara Traders
Venus Trading Co.
Verni Corporation
Vertex Trade & Technology Incorporated
Vicwon Corporation
Vital Mark Inc.
Vittorio Recycling Company
Vixun Traders
Vozza Contracting Yard
Vsv Overseas
VW Resources Corp.
W.H.F Canada Inc.
W.I.E Incorporated
W.P.P. Scrap Iron & Metals
Wabash Alloys (Mississauga,ON)
Waleed Junaid Industries
Walia & Walia Trading
Walsons Industrial Products Inc.
Waqar Industrial & General Trading Company
Warhurst Inc.
Waste Management (Concord,ON)
Waste Services Inc (Glenburnie,ON)
Waterwood Holding Incorporated
Welcom Place Incorporated
Wentworth Metal Recycling
West Bear Trucking
West Brant Iron & Metal Ltd.
Whitchurch Metals
White Star Auto Wreckers
William Sims Industries
Wise Trading
Wonderful (Canada) Limited
World Power Creation Ltd.
Wow-Well Trading Inc.
Woznuk Brothers Ltd.
WSK Metal Recyclers Inc.
Wylie Auto Parts
Xian Yu Minglu
Xin-Max International Corporation
Xteq Technics Incorporated
Yang Recycling International Incorporated

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