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Mira Metal Industries
Mississauga Metals & Alloys
Mississauga Metals & Alloys (MM&A)
Mondoux Metal Salvage
Morrow's Ltd. Steel Division
MPS Group Incorporated
Mukry Dyes Metal and Chemicals
Multibiz Limited
Multiione Trade Inc
Multiione Trade Incorporated
Multiione Trade Incorporated
Multione Trading Ent
Municipal Waste & Recycling Consultants
MVP Inc.
Myer Salit Limited
Nanak Trade Inc.
Nasha Metals Exports Inc
Nates Scrap Metal Ltd (Toronto,ON)
National Trading Company
Ncy Enterprise
Neelam Incorporated
Neilex Group
Netways Canada Ltd.
Newmarket Iron & Metal Co., Ltd.
Ni-Co Metal Sales Inc.
Ni-Met Resources Inc
Nizarola Renoz
Noranda Inc. (Toronto,ON)
Norfolk Rag & Metal Co.
Norham Trading Co.
North Amercian Scrap Metal Incorporated
North America International
North South Fibres Inc
Norwood Auto Wreckers
Ocean Hardware
OM International Trading
One Different Inc
One World Ventures Inc
Ontario Salvage Ltd.
Orangeville Iron and Steel
Ottoman Import Company
OVC Trading Inc
P & G Scrapmaster Inc.
P.C. Traders
Pacific Betterlink, Inc.
Palsons Canada
Paul Ahuja International Limited
Penzzi Inc
PHG General Trading
Phoenix Depot Inc

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