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United Canadian Steel Incorporated
United Capital & Trade
United eWin International(Canada)
United Trading Co
United World Company
Universal Trading
Unona Trading Ltd.
Uscan Fibers
V & V Tr. Enterprises Inc.
Valu Metals
Vanguard Trading Inc
Vardhman Import and Export (Pvt) Ltd.
Veda Canada
Venkateshwara Traders
Venus Trading Co.
Vicwon Corporation
Vital Mark Inc.
Vittorio Recycling Company
Vozza Contracting Yard
Vsv Overseas
VW Resources Corp.
W.H.F Canada Inc.
W.I.E Incorporated
W.P.P. Scrap Iron & Metals
Wabash Alloys (Mississauga,ON)
Waleed Junaid Industries
Walia & Walia Trading
Walsons Industrial Products Inc.
Waqar Industrial & General Trading Company
Warhurst Inc.
Waste Management (Concord,ON)
Waste Services Inc (Glenburnie,ON)
Waterwood Holding Incorporated
Welcom Place Incorporated
Wentworth Metal Recycling
West Bear Trucking
West Brant Iron & Metal Ltd.
Whitchurch Metals
White Star Auto Wreckers
William Sims Industries
Wise Trading
Wonderful (Canada) Limited
World Power Creation Ltd.
Wow-Well Trading Inc.
Woznuk Brothers Ltd.
WSK Metal Recyclers Inc.
Wylie Auto Parts
Xian Yu Minglu
Xin-Max International Corporation
Yang Recycling International Incorporated

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