Spent Catalyst Scrap

Spent Catalyst Recovery

The refining and recovery of metals from spent catalyst represents a significant resource.
Spent petrochemical refinery catalysts and recovered auto catalysts are two of the most common material sources.
Catalysts containing Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium are highly sought after.
You may also be interested in Nickel Catalyst Scrap, Cobalt Catalyst Scrap and Molybdenum Content Scrap

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Heesung PMTech Corp
Heesung PMTech Corp

Metal Content Residues may be recovered that contain Exotic Metal Scrap.
You may wish to explore the recovery of base metals from residues and sludges such as Aluminum Dross, Copper, Brass & Bronze Dross or materials containing Tin, Lead and Zinc,.

Spent Catalyst Scrap
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